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Atoms bowled out of the Cup

Lancashire Cup Round Two

Heysham Atoms 20 points
Bold Miners 46 points

The Heysham Atoms crashed out of the Lancashire Cup with a home defeat against division 1 side Bold Miners from St Helens. The Atoms were again hampered by late withdrawals but it didn't deter the players from opening up the game in style as in previous weeks.

Billy Livingstone made a good early break taking The Atoms within 5 yards of Bolds line with an enterprising break on the outside. This promise was short lived however as The Atoms conceded a penalty and a knock on in quick succession giving away cheap possession and field position. The Bold weapon of playing to their right centre and wing combination paid off almost immediately scoring in the corner.

Andrew Taylors work commitments meant his playing opportunities have been limited recently but he showed some enthusiastic touches that rubbed off on the rest of his team. A promising Atoms attack was just shut down in the right hand corner as Gavin Winder was bundled into touch. Some weak defending down the middle of the park gifted some easy points to Bold before The Atoms finally found their precision in attack.

A roll on by the forwards lead by McVernon and Hartlebury enabled stand off Livingstone to get a cut out pass away to centre Al Crookall who showed good foot work and strength to get over the line.

The Area of most concern for The Atoms was their over worked left hand defence prompting a shuffle round in personell which seemed to stem the flow of points in the opening exchanges of the second half.

Bold Miners hooker was having a fine game taking easy yards with his direct running as The Atoms defense were found wanting. Bold replacement prop took 3 Atoms defenders over the line with his showing good determination to score his try.

Al Crookall and Jake Harrison looked the most likely candidates to further The Atoms cause both looking dangerous with ball in hand. Winger Mike Holmes brought off a try saving tackle in the right hand corner but this rest bite was short lived as The Atoms just couldn't scramble back in time. At 36-8 The Atoms were staring at a heavy defeat but to their credit they gave it a real go in the final quarter of the game. Billy Livingstone picked up at acting half back and glided over the line adding the extras himself. Andrew-tank Taylor reeked havoc with a punishing drive that left defenders in his wake again inspiring his fellow players.

Liam Hall found some width running off an Andy helme wide pass creeping over the line close to the corner flag. This gave The Atoms a little hope with 10 mins remaining with the sores at 36-20. This optimism was short lived as The Atoms middle defense was split wide open not for the first time by Bolds rampaging hooker. Good hands took Bold over the line for the 8th time in the contest.

The Atoms were now trying to run the ball from anywhere as they gave it one last real shot. Dixon and Crookall both made clean breaks but the final pass just couldn't be found. Fittingly Bold showed their superiority scoring on the last play of the game through their free running full back

Shane Weed made his 150th appearance for The Atoms against Bold Miners

Portrait Men of the Match:
1. D McVernon
2. J Harrison
3. K Hartlebury

Heysham Atoms:J Harrison, A Taylor, M Pike, A Crookall, G Winder, B Livingstone, A Helme, L Hall, M Marrin, D McVernon, K Hartlebury, G Helliwell, C Dixon, RES. R Nixon, S Weed, M Holmes

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